Saturday, October 12, 2013

a few pictures for a sunny saturday

These were taken by Stefan at Pixeled Studios who kindly rushed down one afternoon a few weeks ago. We love them! Especially the vivid colours.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Swede not Suede.

I recently made a really delicious stock. The trick was that I chucked in half a swede. So happy with my revelatory creation that I frantically tweeted the information, before realising that swede is not spelt suede. Bummer. It rather shows the perils of premature social media outbursts! Whether it be  leathery or rooty, swede really does make for a sweet and delicious stock, paired with a good chicken carcass and some allspice berries, and simmered for a very long time.

The risotto itself was pretty simple and followed the usual pattern. Shallots, butter, saffron, rice, vermouth. I added roughly chopped string beans which have been in abundance of late and piled in the parmesan. Shared with my one of dearest of girlfriends, and washed down with cheap-corner-shop-wine and some seriously good gossip, it made for a perfect midweek dinner.