Friday, May 17, 2013

The Brick Lane Lox

I woke up at 4am on Thursday such was my excitement over The Brick Lane Lox. Sean and I have been working away on this and tweaking and finally today, tasting. With both cured salmon and pickled cucumbers it requires some forethought and patience but I recon it's really worth the wait... We will be serving it tomorrow at Rosie's. The bagels come from the bagel shop on Brick Lane (where else?) We cured the salmon with beetroot, dill and sugar and salt, and the cucumbers are a house classic, soaked in a brine with fennel seeds. And of course the whole thing is glued together with a creamy cream cheese flecked with fresh dill. And it's just beautiful to look at! What more do you need from a Saturday hangover cure? Let us know what you think here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It's been sitting right under my nose for ages so I feel a bit stupid for evangelising now, but have you been to The TFC? It stands, I presume, for The Turkish Food centre and it's wicked. A bit like a slither of Harringay, they sell all sorts of delicacies from Turkey: the freshest baklava I may have ever tasted outside of Istanbul; a full butchers array; every sort of pulse worth shaking a stick at; mini pans for heating milk; and enough Halloumi, or Helim, to feed a smallish army. In short it is extensive and excellent and really gets the creative juices flowing. I went there a few weeks ago and bought a mere 20 lamb cutlets which were reasonably priced and just fantastic. We marinated them in a light yogurt dressing with turmeric and fennel seeds. Quickly fried on a slab of cast iron they were rare and green tasting. Along side these, we had warm bulgar wheat with chickpeas (very good chickpeas. They come in glass jars. Look out for them) lots of soft sweet onions and again turmeric. It was bloody delicious. Check it out.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Salt Beef

We've  been closed for a week, with Sean at the helm of a refurbishment for Rosie's. It has given me nightmares but when I arrived at the deli yesterday morning I was totally overcome by what an amazing job he had done and how lovely our little cafe is. The music was pumping and the vibes were very very strong! And all the girls were busily putting everything back in place and creating the warmth and vitality that we are known for. I caught up with an old friend over coffee and then ordered what is fast becoming a signature sandwich, The Reuben. It was absolutely sensational - sharp pickled cabbage, salty wet beef, fat gerkins, swiss cheese and a delicious sweet dressing. It is honestly one of the tastiest things I have ever had. So come on over, check out the new improved deli (even with a roof window drenching the place in natural sunlight) and try a classic Reuben on rye. Wash it down with a flatwhite and bob's your uncle. To be honest, I am so hungover this morning after Sink the Pink that I might actually have to get an express delivery.