Thursday, September 6, 2012

AFTERNOON DELIGHT. Creamy Pancakes for Tea

After watching an episode of Cupcake Wars (I know, it's bad, but it's good when you are a beached whale and everything hurts. Guilty pleasures and all that) I was alerted to ricotta pancakes. I'm not sure if they are an American invention, or an original Italian sweet but they struck me as a thoroughly good idea. Perfect for brunch, or in my case, a little afternoon delight. They really are super light and creamy, pillowy if you like. However my day today involved Lidl (one of my favourite shops for certain things) and they don't sell ricotta. Instead I used their soft goats cheese which worked perfectly instead. I've wolfed down these, and have some batter left for when my Mum arrives in the morning. Serve with blackberries (or a late autumn fruit compote) and maple syrup. And even a scoop of ice cream if you really want to push the boat out. 

85g plain flour
5g baking powder
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
a good pinch of salt
2 level tablespoons of golden caster sugar
200g soft goats cheese
2 medium free range eggs
120ml milk
vegetable oil for frying

Mix together the dry goods, the flour, baking powder, nutmeg, salt and sugar in a medium bowl. Now in a jug beat together the soft cheese, eggs and milk. Using a whisk, gradually beat this into the dry goods bowl until you have a smooth batter. Set this aside for half an hour to melge and bond. 

Heat a flat cast iron griddle pan (these are best because they take on a lot of heat and hold on to it unlike flimsy frying pans) on a high heat until it is smoking. Then turn the heat right down and brush with oil. When the oil is hot, pour on a small ladle of the batter. Flip the pancake when it is dry around the edges and has tunnels of bubbles on the surface. Heat for just long enough on the other side for the pancake to seal. Remove from the pan and serve up warm. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I'm not going to give you the recipe for this cake. As you can see it's pretty damn cool. Sorry!

But I will tell you, it's a classic victoria sponge with a quick star anise, ginger and plum jam, sandwiched with a goat's curd and vanilla cream, which also constitutes the lattice over the top.

I've got friends coming for tea and can not wait to plunge my knife into the centre of this and see what's going on. It bodes very very well, even if I do say.

The reason I'm not disclosing the recipe is because if I did that all the time, I'd never have any recipes for my books. And I'm pretty sure this is one is going to make the cut somewhere down the line. And I'm hoping that the next 6 months is going to be full of pictures like this. The idea of having time at home and pottering (albeit with a new born baby and no doubt endless piles of shitty washing!) and reflection is just so exciting. For the first time in 8 years I wont be at my deli. Anything could happen. Watch this space. x