Saturday, April 7, 2012

Old friends, New Icing

With friends coming round for tea today, I have fallen back on a familiar favourite from my first cookbook, Baby Banana Cakes. It feels really comforting to return to those recipes that have been cooked time and time again, especially if they are your own. But each time I cook one of my recipes I tend to tweak and change and adapt according to mood, memory, and what's in the cupboard. Added to this I have added a new cylicone mini loaf tray to my baking collection so these cakes are little loaves, not cupcake shape. It's amazing how even the shape of something makes it feel entirely new and exciting. Either that or I am seriously sad.

The power of mood is particularly strong at the moment because I am pregnant. Most foods repulse me even at the thought. I am happiest with trash and stodge right now - polystyrene boxes of vinegar heavy chips, plainest pasta with nursery style tomato sauces, cold cold milk, and Gregg's iced buns. So I've made my familiar friends the Baby banana cakes, but instead of the recommended caramelish syrup I've made a very naff dribbly icing by combining a thimble of milk with icing sugar and scattering over roughly chopped mixed nuts. I just need my friends to arrive so I can start eating them!