Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey hey,
Just some news from sunny Brixton:
Market Row will now be open for late night shopping on THURSDAY NIGHTS TIL 10PM!
This means that the deli will continue to serve delicious coffees, ciabattas, cakes and salads into the balmy evening. As you can see, it's looking pretty juicy.
Come on down...

Monday, April 26, 2010

OH SO BRITISH. It's BBQ season

The way we embrace barbecues is like the way that we all strip off as soon as there is a slither of sunshine. In true British style, we've had 3 BBQs this week. It's ridiculous. The first one this week was freezing, and we had to pile on jumpers in the dark to grill our ribs. But it's super fun too. The marinading has got off to a good start - Raf's best at this, as he relishes pestling and squirting and putting in a bit of everything: CORIANDER SEEDS, STAR ANISE, KETCHUP, SOY SAUCE, CUMIN, GRATED GINGER, A SCOTCH BONNET. The Lot!

And the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ is a nice hard salad. I've been playing around with the combinations, but Saturday's salad was a mix of: WHITE CABBAGE, SPRING ONION, CHINESE PEAR, MINT, CORIANDER AND DEEP FRIED SHALLOTS. And the icing on the cake was having Alice in the garden with us. We devoured, and then practically keeled over. Roll on summer fun.

Oh, and I can highly recommend popping on a few long peppers. Put them on first, and they will gradually caramelise and soften. When they are charred, move to the side of the grill to keep warm. When you are ready to eat, remove the peppers with the other BBQ spoils, slip their skins off, and serve with a bit of Balsamic vinegar, and some chopped Marjoram.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Nothing beats a lazy morning, coffee, and a boiled egg on toast.
You know you are going to achieve after a start like this.
Especially with a bold douse of brown sauce.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BAKING BREAD, in my new homestead

This whole moving house business is proving rather inspiring. I've got just a little obsessed with baking bread and so loaves, but also everything else seems to be coming out of my ears at the moment. Even an impromptu apple tart, because Jamie was round and I know how he loves all things sweet.

The bread baking has been a journey of trial and - sometimes - error. To start with I did a wholemeal and spelt bloomer, which was nutty and well risen and and malty sweet.

Then I did another which wasn't so great. It was full of walnuts which was delicious and slightly bitter, but I used some rye flour which made the breakfast chew rather hard work.

On Easter Sunday I made a flat bread with nigella seeds and crusty on the top with lots of sea salt.

And finally today I'm trying a more risen white loaf full of Fennel seeds. As I sit here, I'm waiting for it to rise. It really is the most exciting process.